There are many opportunities in life that take us out of our comfort zone, but these opportunities are generally the most rewarding.

I have taken the leap into a new job prospect. Working in a bigger architectural firm. One that should be able to take me to new heights and experience new things. They are one of the biggest architectural firms in the region and were also my biggest competition whilst working for my old firm!

On top of that the workspace is dead cool. The agency houses 95 people in a renovated farmhouse. The building is one big volume divided into many “half-levels” and all of this is connected by 2 central staircases distributing each space. Very clever, since it allows for a fully open workspace with very seperate workspaces. The building is comprised of 4 different spaces. The architects have a level, as well as the engineers, the administration and the construction managers.

The agency offers a much larger varitey of projects to work from ranging from housing projects to concert theatres. Being a larger firm, the experience and knowledge pool is substantialy larger than what i have been accustomed to and leaves me giddy with anticipation. If the aim in this job is to be able to see new things every day then this new firml fits the pattern perfectly.

First sketch of the agency

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