This is one of my favourite personal projects. I found the whole process very professional and working with an organism rather than a single entity makes things harder but more interesting. Reuniting various departments and people to create a singular project proved very rewarding and ultimately made for a better project. 

The idea was to create a platform between professionals and students. This platform was to be integrate to the school of engineering i, Montpellier by designing a FABLAB ( a creation laboratory) equiped with cutting edge 3d printers and laser scanners as well as other big cutting machines. 

The process started with a series of reunions between various departments that would have a stake in this project. Electrical department, engineering, finance, accouting etc… and making a thorough analysis of the warehouse where the FABLAB will be located.

The main concept is to propose a modular floor space. Each space dedicated to a different function. This concept takes into account an open floor plan, with a large amount of visibility between zones. A simple, yet highly windowed facade makes way for the entrance.

The entrance
Area for numeric fabrication
The conference area
Coworking spaces

The final image shows an open, high roofed space that allow users to see across all platforms, creating a real co-working space, where social interaction is at the heart of the concept.

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