An agencies philosophy is like its backbone. Write something decent about yourself? Impossible.

Architite = An appetite for Architecture.

It is said that Architects have the power to mould the world.

That is a belief that holds true of most professions, but we physically design the world we all live in. In France, the law says that any construction over one hundred fifty m² must be accompanied by an architect.

Ok, Cool for architects?! Or just another annoying constraint imposed on the big development firms that is to be “dealt” with? The world we live in is being designed by the people who run it unless we find a common ground. Master negotiator!

Either way, our purpose is to best mould the world with all the tools and knowledge at our disposal. We must be professionals in all fields of the construction process, master logicians and retain a creative mindset. A “calling” in the best sense of the word.

Architite specialises in BIM study. Using REVIT as our core tool we can collaborate very quickly with other technicians on all types of projects, create detailed cost analysis and lighting studies. The know-how and expertise of over 5 years of BIM related research is at the core of the agency. The hope is to reinforce the way the larger public see the role of the architect.

By using specialised software the hope is to regain the public’s trust by providing a freer access to information.

– Permis de Construire (PC) / Déclaration préalable (DP) / Permis de démolition (PD) / ERP et Règlementations.

– Chiffrages, contact entreprises, négociation de devis.

– Réalisation de plans plomberie & électricité.

– Honoraires en fonction du budget et de la technicité du projet.

– Rénovation et extension + Design d’intérieur

“Light up the darkness” 

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