During my 3rd year at the school of architecture in Liverpool, an project was launched to create a a-typical bike shelter for the school. Currently situated at the bottom of a 4 story atrium, students were forced to leave their bikes in a space, open to all the lovely weather conditions Liverpool had to offer. That is to say 300 days of rain a year…

A budget of 1500£ was given as a baseline. We were awarded 1st place and the project was kept in place for over 3 years.

The concept was to install “sails” all over the atrium, on each level so as to create an overall surface that would protect the bottom of the atrium from rain etc…01-ai.jpg“View from above showing the 15 different sails”02-ai.jpg03.ai

The main concept was to use the sails in a way that would redirect the water collected. Each sail was calibrated so that the excess water would trickle down to the next sail and not fall into empty space.

Chains and cables help the water find their way down. The water collected could be re-used in an eco-friendly way.

The main costs for this project were PVC sails, metal bars, wall fixations and various chains and rivets.26At night the installation gives birth to a miriad of light shows letting the installation take on another dimension.

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