In collaboration with renound Architect A. Fraisse, the program involved the creation of a local community center, mixing together a public library, a media room and a caffeteria. The project responds to strong shapes and intersecting circulation spaces.

The project’s shape and form was adapted to the natural topography of the terrain. Vehicular access occurs at the top of the “hill”, whereas the building offers itself a large void between it, and the main road, allowing passers by the opportunity of admiring the entirety of the building instead of “snippets” up close.cul7

The soft curves of the main structure, merge with the shape of the terrain it’s on, allowing its integration into the scenery. 2 vertical circulation spaces dominate the landscape creating a visual focal point that allows the rest of the building to become “unoticed”.cul5

The building is composed of 3 levels;PLANS 2018.jpg

  1. Top Level
    • A small gallery space for the local community to advertise its projects etc…
    • access to the roof, which can, in time become a space to host outdoor activities.
  2. Level 2
    • A media space. Music, Video and a computer room, allowing access to a “virtual” library.
  3. Bottom level
    • A cafeteria/ communal space with a view on the newly transformed outdoor area.
  4. Circulation spaces
    • A space to accomodate all the technical aspects of the building, heating, plumbing, toilets, admin, storage etc…

You can also check out my thought process by browsing through a couple of pages from my sketchbook. An element in the design process sorely forgotten.

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Architecte a PARIS

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