This project is based in Ljubljana in Slovenia. The project is part of a pilot program that “Metropoles du Sud” put into place to give their students a different point of view by working in conjunction with other countries and schools worldwide. The aim is to offer a broader understanding of different architectural answers to existing problems. For example, Ljubljana is highly susceptible to flooding. By looking at the local architecture and working with the architecture school, we would be able to learn a great deal on dealing with a problem that is becoming more and more problematic in Europe. In any case the town is beautiful with some amazing architecture, but the towns strength lies mainly in the quality of its urban spaces.

The project that was demanded of us aims to treat the old train station by giving it a new identity. No holds barred, we could do whatever we wanted, destroy everything, create a NEW train station etc… you get the picture.

The main constraint was to generate an urban program, on top of the existing train lines. So, dealing with noise problems, pollution etc… not an easy challenge.


  • Step 1:  Detecting the different circulation axes.
  • Step 2: Determining the areas susceptible of needing development.




  • total2pp051016_page_08.jpgStep 3: Redirecting the circulations
  • Step 4: Creating an outer circle, and an interiority.
  • Step 5: Connecting the 2 broken segments of the town
  • Step 6: FRACTURING the interior spaces.total2pp051016_page_09.jpg

By creating a new walkway between the fractured town, a new urban space is created. A space that will accomodate the new train station and the various commerces that branch off from the main square.TOTAL2PP051016_Page_10TOTAL2PP051016_Page_12

The main concept of this type of project was to find a way of living amongst the trains and the noise and pollution of this kind of urban space. Comfort is obtained by the following:

Sans titre-1

  • The inner sphere of the project is elevated above the train tracks so as to create a wall capable of reflecting the unwanted noise.
  • The vegetation also helps camouflage the trains and the noise.

Obviously, this kind of project is but a theoretical one, as living right on top of train tracks is not an easy way of living. The pollution and noise are big factors in terms of living comfort, however the point of the project was to urbanise an area that seems un-liveable.

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