The program consisted of creating a LIDO (exterior pool) very popular in britain in the 1930’s. The first open air swimming pool that was officially called a lido was “The Edmonton Lido” in Houndsfield Road. The project consists of breathing some new life into this old way of entertainement in the old town of New Brighton next to Liverpool.

The site chosen is situated on the beach between 2 waterfronts. The regions “fort” dominates the sea view, and is an important factor in the design process.

The coastal shape of the site is what drew me to the idea of using it to create the general shape of the project. That and the abundance of LIFE in the general vacinity.

By using mathematics to derive form from the number “Pi”, the project responds to certain architectural and mathematical fundamentals.


The project is divided into 2 levels. The main “lower” level is linked directly to the swimming pool and is the main public space open during the day. The upper level is comprised of a resteraunt, bar and other smaller services that are open all day and night.

By creating an individual access to the upper level, the project can stay open later creating a new “social scene” in the area.


The project is a mix of circular trigonometry, and natural ratios that form the backbone of this LIDO.

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