One of my first Housing projects was in my 3rd year of school. The site was peppered with constraints.


This first experience in dealing with the reality of town planning led me to an understanding in the complexity of local urbanism laws and regulations. Not allowed to build above a certain height, not allowed to build on the limits of the site, not allowed a certain colour, not allowed a certain type of window SIZE, etc… The list is exhaustive.

The primary objective for this project was to learn how to create affordable housing with the added constraint of building regulations for PMR’s.

PLAN RDC R+1.jpgThe project allows access to an underground car park. Ground level access occurs through a SAS, dividing the staircase and the elevator in case of fire emergencies.

On the ground floor, 2 different access points allows a seperation between private space and public space. On the main road front, the porosity of the wood facade creates a privatised space in the center of the project, whilst at the same time letting passers by gleam it as part of the urban jungle. A space dedicated to the residents but also an oasis in this dense urban nightmare.

R+1 R+2.jpg

On the next 3 levels, each circulation “hub” distributes 2 flats. The project is composed of 3, 3 bedroom flats, 3 2 bedroomed flats and several studios.

The project is insulated from the exterior, and the facades are dressed with a wooden bardage, creating a rippling effect. It also allows the integration of a shutter system that blends itself perfectly with the wooden facade.


If i were to criticise my own work 5 years (thing i feel is a wonderful way of functioning) later i would say that;

  • The rooms are too big. 18m² for a bedroom in this kind of housing scheme is huge.
  • There isn’t enough variety in the flat types.
  • On top of that, the cost of creating a wooden facade like that one would be too great, once again, in the reality of our urban world.
  • Less repetition on the facades. Decomposing the sizes abd heights of the windows would have made for a funkier look and feel to the project.

Anyways, here a few snippets of my sketchbook during the project, showing parts of my thought process.

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