There seems to be a direct correlation between ones ability to draw and the ability to design. A creative mind is one that is able to see in 3D and the very definition of art is creating subjective layers that can be interpreted various different ways by the person experiencing the piece.

So in an effort to keep my arty side in the picture, here is a series of pieces i created when i was younger. The quality is shite because half these pieces are over 10 years old… There are various pieces ranging from A-level work to random shit i drew up between 2 boring tasks ( work and making dinner for example). The learning curve in any medium, may it be architecture or art is every increasing and at some point everyone always looks back on there first pieces with a certain amount of…shame. So over the next few weeks i will be redrawing these pieces and bringing them into the new age!


Mobile home – Summer job
You know who you are!
You also know who you are!
Lake front house – A 15 year olds idea of a dream house…
Not one of my best pieces but the ambiance created was spot on
Need i say more
A-level Art project – BRONZE MORTALITY
A-level Art project – BRONZE MORTALITY
A-level Art project – BRONZE MORTALITY
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Architecte a PARIS

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